Service Plans® Service Plans

We offer the following three types of service plans:® will be the employer of the Caregiver and will assume responsibility for payroll taxes, Liability and Worker's Compensation insurance. This plan allows for maximum flexibility and permits the Plan of Care to be modified as the situation changes. In addition, we work directly with the insurance company and handle all the documentation. If at any time a Caregiver needs to be replaced, we will do so at no additional charge to you.

We refer a qualified Caregiver to you who is processed through our agency. You hire them or contract with them and pay them directly. A Referral Fee is required to be paid to®, an additional amount, either per hour or per day, invoiced weekly (unless otherwise arranged). If you are not satisfied with the Caregiver for any reason, we will replace them at no extra charge to you. This plan is suitable for a short-term situation. It allows you to become familiar with our agency and our Caregivers.

Under this plan, we conduct the recruitment and processing, ensuring that the Caregiver has met all our standard requirements and has successfully passed all background checks. As a courtesy, we will assist you with filing an insurance claim if you have a qualified insurance policy that covers this type of service.

Note: Under this plan the Caregivers are not our employees and are not covered under our general and professional liability insurance nor our Worker's Compensation insurance. As such, we recommend obtaining a Worker's Compensation and Liability Rider on your home insurance in the event of a work-related injury. The client makes all the arrangements directly with the Caregiver i.e. schedule, breaks, days off etc.

Details are noted in our Client Handbook, received by the client upon completion of the free no obligation in-home evaluation. 

Any questions regarding these service plans, please contact one of our local offices below. We look forward to speaking to you personally.

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