Elder Home Care Guide

The Elder Home Care Guide was created by our CEO and Co-Founder, Richard Weatherman, after his frustration with the lack of information and support available to families and caregivers about elder care.

You may have many questions or concerns as you grow older or take on the role of caregiver for an elderly loved one. The Elder Home Care Guide is a valuable document to help you find your way on your caregiving path. The Table of Contents below covers a plethora of important information including legal, financial, and long term planning for your elderly love one.

Empower yourself with knowledge so you can make the best possible choices for the special elderly person in your life.

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Table of Contents of the Elder Home Care Guide

Advance Directive Health Care

Long Term Health Insurance

Asset Planning

Evaluating the Need for Care

Introduction to Eldercare

Understanding the Aging Process

Mental Changes in Aging

Physical Changes in Aging

Handling typical behavioral changes

  1. Disposition appears to have changed
  2. Attitude changes for no apparent reason
  3. Does not remember so they repeat the same questions over and over
  4. Has difficulty in recognizing familiar things
  5. Roaming around at night or seems to be looking for something
  6. Wandering
  7. Refuses to bathe and groom or claims to have already done so.
  8. Refuses to eat, eats very little.
  9. Wants things done immediately or wants caregiver to do everything!
  10. When the care recipient becomes combative.

Elder Care Basics

Preparing the home

Safety and Aids Check List

Choosing Health Care Services

Home Care Agency versus Hiring Direct

Advance Directive for Health Care Form

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