Executive Team

Piroska Zalkadi: Owner, CEO, Director of Care Services

Piroska ZalkadiPiroska Zalkadi takes a very personal interest in the home care industry. Born and raised in Hungary, she began her career working as a Marketing Director. She then moved to the United States and used her business acumen and care skills and worked as a Care Coordinator at a local home care agency till the end of 2005. With her experience and strong desire to help others she used her tremendous compassion and business skills within the caregiving arena and aligned with her current business partner, Richard Weatherman. Together, in 2006, they opened their own agency in Canoga Park, CA as Advantage Plus Agency, Inc. It was Piroska’s knowledge of marketing and experience in the care industry that opened the doors to the many personal business relationships that helped build the agency to its current high level of success. Piroska as President of the company and, together with her business partner, managed all aspects of the agency. Soon thereafter, Piroska and her business partner opened 2 additional offices in California, 1 in Nevada, and 1 in Washington in preparation of their franchise expansion plan. In 2014, they formed Advantage Plus Franchisor, Inc. and started franchising under the name AdvantagePlusCaregivers.com®. Today, Piroska is the Owner/Director of the largest office in Canoga Park, California, which services the entirety of the greater Los Angeles area. Piroska has honed her skills as a business development pro in identifying clients for the agency while overseeing over 2000 registered caregivers. The Canoga Park office thrives because of Piroska’s compassion, personal care and the attention she gives to all her Care Recipients, caregivers and office staff members.

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