We have seen so many our Care Recipients lose so much of their recovery from the Acute environment to the home due to lack of a good transitional care process.  By the time the medication, supplies and the therapy gets into place after discharge so much of what they have gained in their recovery is lost.  This is just unacceptable to us so we have created our "Transitional Care Service"

Transitional Care Services have been the missing link in the continuity of care and is now becoming a standardized service as we start to transition from a "fee for service" to a "value of care" model health care system, building it around the Patient/Care Recipient. 

This service will not only help make for a smooth transition to home but will be a huge part of preventing readmission's that ultimately provides better out comes from the overall quality of care, improving recovery time and reducing costs in the process over all.

Our Transition to Home Processes, the Transition Team, and how it all Works.

We assembled a "Transition Team" to bring the "Care Recipient" home

It is important to have a transitions team assembled to make these transitions successful for they come with various levels and degrees of needed care.

Preparation of the transition:

Discharge, the transition hand off

As a result the risks are reduced associated with readmission and the quality of care increases. Ultimately preventing the facility from readmission and cost per patient penalties with better patient retention.

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